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Allison Stephen



Few know this, but Allison began life in a remote village called Pakka-Pakka (1) in Sipaliwini (2), in the Republic of Surinam (3), among the Giant otters, Giant armadillos and Giant anteaters native to the area (4).

At age 4 (5), she began her studies of these animals, who were largely larger than she was at the time.  She proved a quick study and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from MIT (6) at age 14 (7).  This is a particularly notable achievement as MIT doesn't even offer a Bachelor of Arts degree, nor does it have an English program, AND Allison didn't finish high school until she was 17.

Allison spent the next 15 years of her life in Antarctica (8), studying Chinstrap penguins, Antarctica Weddell seals and Snowy sheathbills.  This is where she developed her storied love for low wind chills and all things frozen.

This is a particularly notable achievement, as Antarctica has no full-time human residents, and she was only 20 when she went.  Obvious this part of the story is a complete lie...she has never been to Antarctica, but is fairly certain that she wouldn't need more than a light jacket there.

(1): Jackson

(2): Blackman Township

(3): Michigan

(4): She's never seen any of these animals

(5): At age 5, she was mostly playing

(6): University of Michigan

(7): 21

(8): Moving around (see next paragraph!)

In reality: Jackson, MI --- Wheaton College, Norton, MA --- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (Bachelor of Arts in English) --- Boston, MA (Angell Animal Medical Center: Ward Attendant --- Primary Care Attendant (a new position created specifically for her, no biggie) ---Surgery "technician") --- Portland, OR (Trader Joe's x 3 years) --- East Lansing, MI (Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Certificate of Completion in Veterinary Technology) --- Chicago, IL (Chicago Veterinary Neurology & Neurosurgery x 3 years) --- Madison, WI (Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic, the BEST of Monona and the BEST of Madison)

I love this clinic, I love my job, I love our clients and patients, and I love our team.  I'm so grateful to this community for trusting us with the health of their pets for the past few years-it has been incredibly rewarding.

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