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Brenda Rylander


Shortly after I learned to walk, if my parents' couldn't find me, they would locate our dog and knew I would be close by. I spent entire summers "babysitting" frogs, cuddling salamanders, whispering to rabbits and taming the wild cats at my grandparents' farms.

My current brood is Leaf, a Labrador mix and Butter and Toast, 2 rescue kittens from Shelter From the Storm. I would have many more, if I wasn't spending my free time chasing after my two children, Juniper and Basil, with my husband.

When not playing around with my dog and family, I can be found in the garden, canning and preserving fruits and vegetables, crafting Halloween costumes, painting, constructing papier mache and cardboard animals for birthdays and party planning in general.

If you catch me here at Four Lakes, I will be working on the social media and projects that involve glue and scissors and colorful paper, while sneaking in quick cuddles with your pets, because I just can't get enough!