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Jacob Ballard



I have lived in the Madison area for many years but grew up in Monroe, WI with four older brothers (our names all start with J). At an early age I was fascinated with animals and found their company to be very fulfilling. Some of my earliest memories are of spending time with animals, whether it was me sitting inside our family’s rabbit hutch feeding Thumper carrots, playing with the many cats at my grandparent’s farm and discovering their habits and behaviors, or, during the winter, being pulled around in a sled by Tyrone, our very athletic Labrador Retriever. I have always had a special space in my heart for animals and never really considered it to be more than an interest until I became encouraged by my wife, Claire, to continue my education. 

Becoming a Veterinary Technician was not my first choice. I love to cook and considered becoming a Sous-Chef. However, after working in the restaurant field for a brief time I realized that this was not a rewarding experience for me and that is when I understood what would bring true joy into my life.

I graduated from the Madison College Veterinary Technician Program in May of 2019 and I am so excited to begin my career in Veterinary Medicine. I could not have asked for a nicer bunch of people to learn from and work alongside of than those at Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic as I start this new chapter in my life. Before working at Four Lakes, I was a client here for my own pets and was always impressed with the way the staff cared for my animals. Now, as a member of the team, I have the opportunity to do the same!

Aside from nursing animals and helping their owners alike, I love to spend my time with my loving wife and our two children; Noah, a Boston Terrier Mix, and Fitz, a Snowshoe cat. We love to go camping, discover new hiking trails, or spend time doing anything that involves nature. When not surrounded by my family I am often playing music. I have been a multi-instrumentalist for most of my life and consider it my passion, next to loving animals. I look forward seeing you around the clinic!