Voted Best of Monona, Best of Madison, and Star of Madison!

Jamie Rothfuss



Jamie's Top 5 Animal Moments:

5. Being dragged through the mud by a Bactrian camel named Chelsea, who apparently could NOT wait to snack on the leaves of a nearby tree.

4. Snorkeling Haiti's coral reef; getting burned by fire coral.

3. Making adults scream as a Henry Vilas Zoo docent, by surprising them with the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (the children were much braver!)

2. Winning an all-too-brief staring contest with a coyote in my backyard.

1. Adopting my pit bull, Mike, in 2014.  It was the best $80 I've ever spent, and his dad, Matt, and I will never be the same.

Other (perhaps more pertinent) information about Jamie:

Bachelor's degree in Psychology from UW-Stevens Point, 2004

Veterinary Technician Program graduate, MATC, 2012

Owns a stilt walking business (Go Jolly Giants!)

I'm a landlord!  My brother and I own three rental properties together.

I dabble in photography, music, and mushroom hunting.

I live with Matt, my adorable partner of 9 years, in my family's homestead, which lies between two runways of Dane County Airport.

Although I am certainly Four Lakes Vet Clinic's most part-time employee, I couldn't love it there any more than I do.  We are truly a caring, responsive, professional team.  I gladly trust my coworkers with my own pets' lives.

We also laugh more than any group of people I have ever worked with!