Voted Best of Monona, Best of Madison, and Star of Madison!

Jay Jay Jones


 I grew up in Madison, WI with my three brothers. I've always had dogs in my life, mostly Pit Bulls, and I did have a guinea pig once. If I had to count I'd say I've had over 10 dogs in my life, but even with my love of dogs early on, I never thought about being a vet.

When I started high school I would tell people I want to be a therapist because I love hearing peoples' problems and giving advice, but it wasn't until junior year came around that I started second guessing what I wanted to do because I didn't really want to listen to people for the rest of my life. 

As I started looking at apprenticeships I saw veterinarian and I thought this is something that could make me happy and I could enjoy doing this for the rest of my life. After getting accepted into the apprenticeship I applied at Four Lakes and haven't looked back.